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Sunday Mornings
Our church gathers corporately on Sunday mornings at 10 AM. Our current meeting location is 425 Lake Dow Road, McDonough, GA, 30252. Here we sing songs about and to Jesus, preach the Bible, spend time with one another, and teach our children about Jesus.

What is the Sunday gathering like?
We sing songs to and about Jesus. Some people raise their hands. Some people don't. Some people dance—not really, but we're praying someone would start . . . You never know what the Holy Spirit might do to a person. We have a Worship Team and sing a mixture of stuff you might have heard on the radio ( if you listen to Christian music ); we also like to do newer versions of older hymns. Basically, we like to sing anything that says that Jesus is God, that he's awesome, and that he loves you.
Our pastor will teach about Jesus from the Bible. That's really important to us—a church is a group of Christians, under the authority of a pastor who teaches the people about who Jesus is from the Bible. If you get preaching about Jesus anywhere except the Bible, you're probably not getting Jesus. If you get preaching from the Bible, but the lesson doesn't finally land on Jesus—you guessed it . . . you're not getting Jesus. We do a little topical preaching, but we mainly stick to going through books of the Bible, chapter by chapter, verse by verse.

What should I wear?
Clothes. We like clothes. Are you normally a jeans person? You can be a jeans person at RCC. Do you like to wear three-piece suits? You're snazzy and we could use more dapper gentlemen wearing three-piece suits. Our pastor normally preaches in jeans and a nice shirt. Do your best to dress modestly—but the clothes you have are the clothes you have, and more important to us than what you wear is you being here to be told how much Jesus loves you.
What about my kids?
 Kids have souls, too. We really believe that! While we believe that no sermon or person can save a person into Heaven, we do know that God graciously lets us "gather kindling" around our children so that when the Holy Spirit shows up, the groundwork is laid for them to believe in Jesus. So, every week, our kids are taught just like the adults are: we teach them about Jesus, from the Bible.
Upon arrival, you are encouraged to check your children into RCC Kids (our children's ministry). They're taught and cared for by qualified, trained teachers. Our teachers and helpers have submitted to a background check. We use a special system for security to make sure only the correct parents/legal guardians can check a child out. After the sermon, children ages 4 and up reunite with parents in the sanctuary to sing songs to Jesus with the congregation.
What if I'm not used to going to church—this might be awkward.

God told us to start a church in this area so that people who don't belong to him would get to. Everyone starts from someplace—whether you have a rocky and painful history with church, or you've never set foot in a church in your life, we want you to know that RCC is a safe place. Essentially, this is a church where it's okay to not be okay. You don't have to know any secret handshakes or passwords. Come in, let us share with you, and God will take care of the rest.
But, I have a lot of questions . . .

If there's anywhere people should be able to ask questions, it should be at church! Everyone's got questions—questions about God, his goodness, his power, his fairness; lots of people have questions about sex, money, work, politics, paleontology . . . We are working hard to create an environment that welcomes your doubt, your curiosity, your pain, and your disillusionment.
We don't have every last little thing worked out, so we don't want to give you the impression that we know the answer to everything. But, there are some things that can be known—crucial, life-or-death things about your soul and life on this Earth and after that can be answered. We believe that Jesus, the creator, healer, savior, and king of the universe is the only one who can rightly respond to us, his creation.
If you have questions, but don't feel comfortable asking them in person at a Sunday service, feel free to email them to Our pastor or a leader will respond within a day, treating you respectfully and privately.
Besides Sunday afternoons, what else happens with your church?
We really believe that the church is more than what happens on a Sunday. The church isn't simply a building, or a time of the week—the church is the people of God, in all times and places. So, we take a "Waffle House" approach to church ("gathered and scattered"). We meet on Sunday mornings at 10 AM, and then on other days of the week at people's homes (scattered). Our scattered meetings are called "Community Groups."
If you have a question we haven't addressed here, feel free to keep browsing our site or contact us at

What does it mean to be an "Acts 29" church?
RCC is a part of the Acts 29 network—A diverse, global family of church-planting churches. Please visit the Acts 29 website and read up on exactly what that means.

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