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RCC sings songs to and about Jesus every Sunday after the sermon. Song style varies, but they will always be  theologically sound and about God.  The Worship Team’s role at RCC is to lead the congregation while discipling others in bringing glory and praise to God by combining the Word of God with music. This time of worship is exactly that—worship, not a performanceThe Worship Team is singing to the congregation, but also with the congregation. To learn more about what worship is like at RCC, read this blog post written by our Worship team leader. 


Before we sing, we pray together, pray for one another, take communion, and give tithes & offerings. Children ages 4 and up come into the sanctuary from RCC Kids to pray and sing with the congregation. It's okay if your kids gets antsy, they won't bother us. We want your children to learn what worshiping God looks like.