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Exodus | Read Along With Us.

As we journey through the book of Exodus, you can prepare your heart and mind by reading through the following chapters. We encourage you to take the time to pray, read, and meditate on the wonderful and true story of how our great God shows his glory and is good to his people.

Exodus Sermon Series Reading Schedule:

  • 3/1/20: The Burning Bush [Exodus, chapter 3]

  • 3/8/20: Confrontation With Pharaoh (Part 1) [Exodus, chapter 5]

  • 3/15/20: Confrontation With Pharaoh (Part 2) [Exodus, chapter 7]

  • 3/22/20: Plagues and People (Plagues 1-9) [Exodus, chapters 7-10]

  • 3/29/20: Plague and Passover [Exodus, chapters 11-12]

  • 4/5/20: Exodus and the Red Sea [Exodus, chapter 14]

  • 4/19/20: Provision and the People [Exodus, chapters 15b, 16, and 17a]

  • 4/26/20: Our Good God Gives a Good Law to Bad People [Exodus, chapters 19-20, 33b]

  • 5/3/20: Fall and Forgiveness (The Golden Calf and Redemption) [Exodus, chapter 32]

  • 5/10/20: God Stays With Us and Goes With Us [Exodus, chapters 37-40]

  • 5/17/20: God and Our Future [Deuteronomy, chapter 34]

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